Top Banana Performance starts the tour on campus.


Improv troupe Top Banana’s performance at Valders 206 on February 24. Photo courtesy of Durah Albadr (‘26).

Top Banana is a student-led organization based on improv comedy troupe. They started their tour on Friday, February 24, in Valders 206, and will be visiting different academic buildings over the course of the semester with a different themed show in each. Tollef Currell (‘26), a performer at Top Banana, expanded on how improv is a form of theater where actors use their imagination to create scenes on the spot.


“Improv is special because it is never the same twice,” Currell said, “Everytime we do a show, the audience and performers have no idea what stories will unfold.” 


This makes every performance unique, creating an exciting and unpredictable experience for everyone involved. Each time it is performed, the actors are creating something new through reacting to the ideas and stories of their fellow performers at the moment. 


Since Top Banana was first founded in 2010, the group has grown in size and skill level. They now host shows in the Recital Hall, showcasing the talent of both returning and new members. The group has also traveled to Minneapolis and Chicago to compete in the Collegiate Improv Tournament. They hold several shows throughout the semester, and are going to be in a new space for each of the final three shows this year. 


“We thought it would be fun to perform in a whole bunch of different spaces around campus,” Currell said. “When people come to a Top Banana show, I hope they can blow off steam from a long week by laughing with friends.”


The theme of this performance was science, as the performance was in Valders Hall of Science. The audience was filled with students laughing at the jokes, with a few confused looks thrown in. The confusion is part of the fun, as Addy Munoz (‘26) explained. 


“The beauty of improv is that it is a collaborative and spontaneous art form,” Addy Munoz (‘26) said. “Valder 206 was filled with people and they were all enjoying the show. My favorite part was when an audience member shouted for the performers to cast Mother Teresa.” 


Following this performance, Top Banana’s next destination on the tour will be Marty’s on March 27, 2023. Follow their Instagram page @top_banana_improv for more information about upcoming shows.