Concert Band Homecoming Tour


Concert Band Homecoming Tour, March 28. Photo courtesy of Lauren Schroeder (‘23).

On Tuesday, March 28, the Luther College Concert Band performed their homecoming performance to round out their spring tour. The performance was held in the Center for Faith and Life in front of a welcoming crowd. The Concert Band, one of the longest-touring bands in the nation, made nine stops on their tour over spring break. They traveled from Iowa to Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. 


Leading the Concert Band was Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Bands Cory Near.  The Concert Band has been directed by Near since 2020, and he remarked on the tour’s performances and impact. 


“They represented Luther College to the best of their ability and made everyone here super proud,”  Near said. “Overall I’m just really proud of them.”


The ensemble tours every year, and travels internationally once every four years. While on tour, the band stays in host homes when they are not traveling. Bass clarinet player, Courtney Wendland (‘23), reflected on her time with host families, and how important she thinks the tour is to spread the word about Luther and the many different ways you can participate in music. 


“Host families are so welcoming and allowed us to do our laundry and stuff, which was very helpful being on a nine-day tour,” Wendland said. “I think the importance of the tour is really spreading the word about not only Luther but the different experiences you can have here.”


Many first-year students and newcomers were a part of this year’s tour and performances. Wendland also commented on the importance of the tour for first-years  and some lessons she hopes they take away.


“I think being open to new experiences, and it may be frustrating that it’s during spring break,” Wendland  said. “But it’s really special just to get to know people and try new things and try new things or break down that bubble that you were in.”


 During their performance, the ensemble performed an array of pieces centering around the theme of “respect.”. Percussion played an activerole in many of the pieces, particularly in the pieces ‘Come, drink one more Cup’ and ‘By the hands that reach us,’ often including various unique instruments. Sophie Klein (‘26) was in attendance for the performance. She remarked on her favorite piece of the performance because of the cool techno aspects incorporated in the piece “Requiem for a City.” 


“I heard of the band performance because I am a music student and have friends in the band,”  Klein said. “I liked the performance, especially their last piece which had elements of techno.”


If you missed hearing the Luther College Concert Band, they will be performing one last time this year on Saturday, May 20. Until then, Symphonic Band will be giving concert on Tuesday, April 11, in the Center for Faith and Life at 7:30 p.m.