NASA and Luther Wellness Host Annual Condom Bingo


Image of bingo card and table set up at the event. Photo by Lydia Marti (‘26)

Stacks of condoms filled the tables as students grabbed their bingo cards and waited for the game to begin. On Wednesday, April 12, Norse Against Sexual Assault (NASA) and Luther Wellness Hosted their annual Condom Bingo event in Martys. This event is one of many in connection with Sexual Assault Awareness month. NASA Treasurer Jasmine Studer-Sarjeant (‘25) helped to run the event and spoke on the importance of the event before the game began. 


“We are here to not only educate but to destigmatize,” Studer-Sarjeant (‘25) said. “This event helps everyone to gain knowledge while having fun but destigmatizing sex.”


The event was centered around bingo cards, which were filled with various terms and adjectives to describe all sorts of sex related toys, diseases, and hygienic equipment. One first-year in attendance, Liz Clement (‘26), appreciated the various terms, some of which she had never heard of before. 


“There were a lot of terms that I thought I knew, but actually had the wrong idea about,” Clement said. “It was really fun to hear everyone shouting out the terms in response to whatever definitions they gave out. I also thought the prizes were super cool.” 


There were several smaller prizes that included things like condom wallets, small plush figures of sex related diseases, menstrual products, and of course the condoms themselves. Another first-year in attendance Chloe Wagner (‘26) was able to win one of the big grand prizes, and appreciated the effort that went into the event. 


“Obviously I was super happy to win the big prize that had several things like a mug and a tote bag,” Wagner said. “More than the prize though, I thought the event itself was super nice and really well put together. There were a lot of different people there and it was nice to see a big turnout for an event that I think is important on a college campus.”


The night concluded with the grand prize winners receiving their prizes and people collecting the condoms from their table. There will be two more events in observance of Sexual Assault Awarness Month. The next one being a self defense class and panel on April 20 from 7-9 p.m. Following the panel, on April 25, there will be a “Here’s My Survivor Story”  from 8:00-9:15 p.m.